Apple decides to reduce the prices of the iPhone



Apple decides to reduce the prices of the iPhone, the company’s head has announced that your happiness will remain a high priority.

World greatest mobile company APPLE  good news. The APPLE company have very high prices but there is very interesting news that is the decreases in amount.

Washington APPLE company CEO Tim cook says that famous product i phone have very high prices due to which they are sale less now  the price have being decreases to 15%.

If the price of i phone is one lack then with 15% discount its price is 85 thousand due to high price the company have 5% loss in previous year.





Ashraf Ali

At the age of seven years, a boy ( Ashraf Ali ) bought a computer for watching movies, songs, and for playing games but after buying this device, his life was totally changed. He currently working on YouTube as a video creator and he had 250000 followers which increase day by day.


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