Apple Iphone 11 Amazing Feature Revealed

iphone 11


Apple has announced that they will soon released the latest model of Iphone 11. After the success of Iphone 10 series, they have announced the 11th version of Apple. But in Apple Iphone 11, they have introduced an amazing and unbelievable feature in it.


According to the reports, Apple Iphone 11 has a feature to charge another mobile just by touching the other phone with Iphone 11. There will be no need of wireless charger or wired charger. This technology is called ”reverse charging wireless charging”.


Apple has copied this feature from Chinese company ”Huwei” who has already introduced this feature in their Mate 20 Pro.


But the reverse wireless charging speed of Huwei was very slow. In Apple, this feature will be improved. Apple Iphone 11 will be released in September 2019.





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