How to contact Factrikz?

If you have any question and you want to contact us, then kindly leave your message on our contact page or email us at [email protected]

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How Factrikz use our private information?

As we have already told in our privacy policy page, our website may use cookies, your name, email, profile picture etc for spam detection, site performance, business purposes and to communicate with you. But keep in mind that we’ll never share your private information with anyone.

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Is Factrikz use cookies?

Yeah, our website is highly advance designed that may use cookies just to improve and upgrade the performance of our services.

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Why we should visit Factrikz?

Factrikz is a news, entertainment and informational website where you can learn something about everything like famous celebrities, movies, dramas, films, science, nature etc.

Factrikz is not only a website, because our website is based on our channel on YouTube which has over 215k followers.

All the contents on site and also on our channel is 100% verified and correct. There is no any fake news or incorrect report in our contents.

So that is why you need to choose Factrikz as your favorite website on the internet.

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Who is the founder of Factrikz?

Ashraf Ali is the current CEO and founder of Factrikz.

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What is Factrikz?

Factrikz is a popular news company with over 200000 subscribers on YouTube.

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