Some amazing and interesting facts about German actress Nora Tschirner



Nora Tshirner is a famous and most pretty actress of Germany. She was in the East Germany’s state, Berlin. Her date of birth is 12 June, 10981. She is currently 37 years 8 months 0 days old.


Nora Tshirner Father

Nora Tshirner’s father was a famous director. He used to make short documentary films on different type of animals, birds, and other natural things like mountains, seas, and trees etc.



Nora Tshirner Childhood

Nora Tshirner was very intelligent and able in her childhood. She was very happy to play with her older two brothers. In her childhood, she also tied the knot of friendship with famous German author and presenter Sarah Kuttner. She was very naughty in her childhood age.



Nora Tshirner Acting Career

Nora Tshirner was first time appeared in the Conny Walter’s Wie Feuer und Flamme (2001) in which she played the lead role. Then she appeared in some other TV Series like

  • 2002: Sternenfänger (series)
  • 2004: Sicherheitsstufe 1, Ein starkes Team
  • 2004: Ulmens Auftrag
  • 2005: Nichts geht mehr (13th Street Shocking Short)
  • 2006: Die ProSieben Märchenstunde, Hans im Glück as apprentice witch ‘Rabea’
  • 2007 & 2011: Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot (Comedy science fiction series)
  • 2007: Das letzte Stück Himmel
  • 2013: Tatort: Die Fette Hoppe
  • 2015: Tatort: Der Irre Iwan
  • 2016: Tatort: Der Treue Roy
  • 2016: Circus Halligalli
  • 2017: Tatort, Der Scheidende Schupo
  • 2017: jerks.: Braindead
  • 2017: Tatort: Der Wüste Gobi
  • 2018: Tatort: Der kalte Fritte
  • 2018: Tatort: Die robuste Roswita

She was also appeared as a lead actress in famous movies and video games like Tomb Raider.


Nora Tshirner Singing Career

Apart from acting, she is also famous for her songs. She is a very talented singer. Her first song were “Das ewige Date” and “Küss mich schnell bevor Du platzt”. After that, she was invited to many albums and web series but she created a ban named ”Prag” with her friends and started her singing career.



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