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No one can succeed without work and struggle. The big name people in the world you see, Amazingly they all have made a lot of effort in their lives. They do not succeed without hard work. Waseem Badami’s story is also something like this.

There was a time when Waseem Badami was so poor that he could not afford his school fee and the bus ticket. He daily went to school barely on foot Because he did not have the money.

He belonged to a lower middle-class family. Their financial position was not so strong. But his father educates him and made him a famous journalist.


Waseem Badami Age

Waseem Badami was born on 7 February 1985. He was born in the city of lights, Karachi. Waseem Badami’s age is 33 years 9 months 28 days.


Waseem Badami Childhood

Waseem Badami’s childhood was very bright. He was very intelligent, able and respectful. Sometimes, people were making fun of him due to his low-cost shirt and shoes etc.

Waseem did not quarrel ever with anyone. People used to abuse him and call him badly But Waseem Badami did not say anything to anyone.

Waseem was fond of coming to media from childhood. For this purpose, he worked hard day and night.


Waseem Badami Inspiration

Anchor Tala Hussain was the most inspirational person to Waseem Badami. From his childhood, he used to watch Talat Hussain shows on regular basis. He wanted to become like him but it was impossible. Because he was very poor and it was very difficult for him to join the media.


Waseem Badami Education

Waseem Badami did MBA in Bussiness and administration from szabist university.


Waseem Badami First Job

At that time, when Waseem Badami was doing masters in Bussiness and Administration, He got a job in a radio channel.

His duty was to aware people of traffic and would tell people about traffic conditions. His salary was 7 Rupees/programme.


Waseem Badami Career

In 2004, Ary news was launched. Waseem Badami and Iqrar Ul Hassan applied for a news anchor job in Ary news. Both of them succeed in the job and started news anchoring on the next day.

Then Waseem Badami hosted anchor Jasmeen Manzoor show 11th Hour. After this, he never looked back.

Now due to his hard work, struggles and efforts, he is a top businessman, host, anchor and news personality.


Waseem Badami Personal Life

Including Waseem, he has three brothers and sisters. Waseem Badami got married in 2011. He also has a son. In the year 2017, a girl named Minhal Ali exposed Waseem Badami. She released some video clips and images of Waseem Badami with her.

She claimed that Waseem Badami was her boyfriend and he promised her that he will marry her. But Waseem Badami used her like a tooth brush and did not marry her. She also said that Waseem Badami had a close relationship with her.

This controversy led to a serious problem at that time. Waseem Badami’s fans boycott him and unfollowed him due to his relations with Minhal Ali. But later on, all the charges of that girl on Waseem Badami proved false.



Ashraf Ali

At the age of seven years, a boy ( Ashraf Ali ) bought a computer for watching movies, songs, and for playing games but after buying this device, his life was totally changed. He currently working on YouTube as a video creator and he had 250000 followers which increase day by day.


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