Shehryar Khan Afridi : Latest Biography, Education, Family Background, Lifestyle

Sehryar Afridi Biography


Personal Info

  • Full Name             Shehryar Khan Afridi
  • Birth Date             12 March 1971
  • Birth Place            Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Age                         Forty Seven ( 47 )
  • Father Name         Haji Nadar Shah Afridi
  • P.Address              Mohallah Gharhi Risaldar, Hangu Rd Kohat
  • Party                       Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf ( PTI )
  • On-Duty Since       13/08/2018



Minister of state for interior Shehryar Khan Afridi received a Masters Degree in international relation from Peshawar University.


Family Background

Actually, Shehryar Afridi belongs to pure Pathan family. He is a Pushtoon born and grew up in the province of Pushtoons. His father was also a politician and parliamentarian.

Unfortunately, his wife, mother and sisters details are not available in our system but we hear that he has married at a very young age and he have many children.

He has also a brother. His brother name is Farhat Abbas who is also a Hafiz e Quran.



Sheheryar Khan Afridi is a very talented person who can speak Pushtu, Urdu, and English but his motherly language is Pushtu.


Shehryar Afridi Lifestyle

Shehryar Afridi is a very simple person who always used to wear Peshawari Chapal, Shilwar Kameez with Koat, and sometimes also wear Eyeglasses.

He regularly gossips with his friends, spent time with his family, children, and neighbors. Recently, he visited the son of Shaheed Hawaldr Manzoor Hussain of Shakardra Kohat along Tehsil & Urban Nazims. Who was shot in Badabrpic.

Apart from these, Shehryar Afridi also helps poor people and oppressed. He is a very decent and honest person.


Sheryar Afridi Speech


Shehryar Afridi is famous for his speech in the National Assembly of Pakistan. He spoke like a super hero, like a great leader, like a compassionate person.

His speech is mostly based on Economic issues, Poverty, Injustice, Protocols, Money laundering, Weak Foreign Policy, Devalued Currency, Low Education, Provincial Disharmony, Religious Intolerance etc.


Shehryar Afridi Protocol

Like the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Afridi also travel without protocol. Last month he rejected an offer from SOS to provide him fifteen land cruiser v8 with 30 security guards.

His main mission is The end of corruption from the holy country of Asia ”Pakistan”.


Ashraf Ali

At the age of seven years, a boy ( Ashraf Ali ) bought a computer for watching movies, songs, and for playing games but after buying this device, his life was totally changed. He currently working on YouTube as a video creator and he had 250000 followers which increase day by day.


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