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Murad Saeed is one of the most famous and young members of National Assembly and politician of Pakistan. He is a very decent and honest person. He likes to help poor people.

Murad Saeed enters in politics at a very young age. Due to his hard-working, honesty, struggle, and dareness, He is now a member of National Assembly of Pakistan, Current Minister of State for Postal Services and Minister of State for Communications.

In today article, we are talking about Murad Saeed family background, Murad Saeed education, Murad Saeed speeches, Murad Saeed fake degree controversy, Murad Saeed early life, Murad Saeed lifestyle, and Murad Saeed age.


Murad Saeed Family Background

Murad Saeed was born to a Pathan family in the province of brave peoples, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Swat, Pakistan. Murad Saeed father name is Saeed Ullah and according to many reports, His father was also a famous politician.

Murad Saeed belonged to a poor family but after forming the Insaf Student Federation, his life was changed. A friend of Murad Saeed told me that he borrowed one thousand rupees from me in early 2004 which he did not return to me.

Murad Saeed belongs to a strict and brave family. They live in Swat.


Murad Saeed Age

Murad Saeed was born on August Seventeen, Nineteen eighty-six (8/17/1986). He is currently 32 years 3 months 8 days old.


Murad Saeed Early Life

Murad Saeed was a very angry person during his childhood. He used to fight with his fellows and relatives. He was a great fan and follower of Imran Khan at a very young age.

He used to promote PTI posters, banners, and other advertisements in his college. He also used to speech like Imran Khan at his college. He used to tell his classmates about Imran Khan.


Murad Saeed Education

Murad Saeed studied at Peshawar University. He did Bachelor degree (BSc) in Environmental Science. He got his BSc degree from the University of Peshawar.


Fake Degree Controversy

As you know that he got his bachelor degree from Peshawar University, but there are a lot of reports tells that Murad Saeed degree is fake.

In the year 2015, a group of people raises sound against Murad Saeed. They accused him of fake degree holder. These people tell that Murad Saeed didn’t attend the University and he pass all the papers in less than one hour at very high marks.

But during this controversy, Murad reached Peshawar High Court and challenged these peoples.

After that, the high court rejected this case and so his degree was not proofed fake.

Murad Saeed was also famous for suspending a traffic warden in Swat. It was also a famous controversy of Murad Saeed when a traffic warden stopped his father’s car and fined him. The traffic warden chalan his father for not taking the driving license. After this, Murad Saeed suspended that warden and also beat him.

Murad Saeed Net Worth

According to Wikipedia, Murad Saeed’s net worth is $34,000 United States Dollars (36 Lac Pakistani Rupees).





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